Saturday, June 13, 2009

Waiting is the hardest part

The last four months of my life have been a blur. Between working 60 hours a week, building a house, keeping up with another, and taking care of wedding duties I have barely had time to sit still for very long. Now that the chaos has subsided I have a lot more time to occupy and a lot more time to think about all that has, and is about to happen.

I'm pretty much over this whole bachelor living thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I got it out of my system but it's just not for me. As my parents were leaving this afternoon, heading back to KY after spending a couple of days with me, I really hated to see them go. The house always seems so empty and quite after company's kind of depressing. Even Allie had a look of disappointment as they pulled out of the drive.

I realized today how much I miss Ashley and how much I depend on her for stability in my life. Our whole relationship has been like a Nicholas Sparks novel and I feel like I have reached the end of a chapter that grabs your curiosity and forces you to go on to the next, but I have no choice but to wait. I feel like my whole life has been leading up to this point and I am right on the verge of beginning the purpose God has intended for me.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My thoughts on marriage

So I created this blog by request of my soon to be wife Ashley Driver. Our wedding is in 3 weeks and I absolutely cannot wait. I really don't understand what the big deal is. Don't get me wrong, this will be one of the biggest days of my life, but I don't understand why so many people look at marriage like a prison sentence. All my life I've heard people talk about how hard marriage is and how the woman controls everything and the man just walks around saying "yes dear" all the time that it's a wonder that I even considered marriage at all. The way I see it I'm about to marry my best friend in the whole world and I get to spend every day with her for the rest of my life. Now granted, it won't always be easy but that's what makes it fun. Maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm in denial, or maybe, just maybe I know exactly what I'm getting into and I'm ready for this challenge. At any rate, I am the happiest man in the world. God has blessed me with so much that it would be an insult to Him if I weren't. Check back for more updates. I promise they wont all be so serious. God Bless You!